Women artists


Tisha Tiziana Sanna, is a contemporary italian artist born, and resident today in Cagliari. Her paintings, hyperrealistic and with a photographic cut, mainly have animals as their subject, especially exotic ones such as elephants, giraffes or leopards, or typical of the Sardinian territory.

The artist manages to highlight the details, meticulously cared for, and to focus attention on the subject, who is the only protagonist of the work: in fact, the background is eliminated, it is mostly monochromatic and accentuates the focus on the animal, abstracting and extracting it from a real space.

Tisha's style is defined as pop - hyperrealism as the subjects are painted using a meticulous and detailed technique, but their location in an unreal space gives the work the most typical connotations of pop art, thus merging hyperrealism and a graphic style- advertising. The artist uses different techniques depending on the subject and the effects he wants to achieve.